Landcare Network Weed Removal

10 Dec 20
Wodonga Urban Landcare Network to Begin Woody Weed Removal

The Wodonga Urban Landcare Network will begin woody weed removal works along Felltimber Creek next week. The works will start from the bridge at Felltimber Creek Road downstream to the edhe of the golf course. The works will involve a multi-staged approach to the rehabilitation of Felltimber Creek in line with the Wodonga Regional Waterway Action Plan. WULN project officer Sophie Enders said the project would build upon the momentum of previous community-lef projects. "The overall aim of this project is to improve the health of this section of the Felltimber Creek waterway," she said. "It will extend the Felltimber native habitat riparian corridor from the high-quality Swainsona Reserve upstream, into the heart of Wodonga.

"It addresses two priorities for Wodonga waterways; the removal of invasive species and the engagement of peri-urban landholders with key threatening processes on private land." Stage one will involve the removal of woody weeds including Willows from this section of the waterway. "This part of the project will reduce threats to biodiversity and habitat loss by clearing a 2.25 ha urban public park site on Felltimber Creek of invasive Black willow and other woody weeds," she said.

"Willows will be cut, poisoned and removed or stem-injected in-situ where suitable to retain a temporary habitat structure." Stage two will involve replanting with native species. This will be done across two community planting mornings will be held in winter to plant 1000 locally appropriate species, mainly shrubs and understorey, to connect the existing remnant River Red gums in the riparian zone.

Stage two will be conducted across a series of weekends throughout July and August. The Friends of Felltimber Creek, who are partnering with WULN, have received funding for the project through the Commonwealth Communities Environment Program.